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3 Filter Ideal For Small and Beauty parlour range. Hair Reduction Photo Facial Acne Removal 20,000 Shots on per lamp 3 Lamp Included low cost Lamp replacement. Certification-CE [NNIS013485]IND

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IPL Working Theory

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a non-invasive skin treatment of light energy The light with long wavelength can pass through epidermis to the hair follicles in the deep part of the skin This light is converted into heat to destroy the cells at the root of the hair In the meanwhile this light also helps to collagen production reaching the effects of skin rejuvenation Acne clearance is also possible with this light by killing propionibactenurn acnes effectively Features: 1) ,,Nireless design This product is the only one home IPL hair removal device which can rechargeable and portable in the market (Other products must be plugged into the socket to work) There is rechargeable lithium battery inside So it is sate and easy to operate and carry Besides there is no danger of plug-in operation

2) Whitening function It has really LED red light whitening lamp It can whiten skin professionally

3) Multifunctional IPL hair removal device it can save money and be convenient Because it is multiple line design you don’t need to replace the host You lust replace the different sensor lamp It can automatically switch to the hair removal mode or whitening mode

4) Long lasting It can be used 30 million times thanks to the advanced quartz lamp

5) Five gear switch settings This can meet the needs of hair removal of vanouS parts

6) USB digital interface conversion The line protection is more complete The transmission is more stable Even if you change the lamp several times it is also different to damage

7) Lighted It contains a tight condenser design so the light range is small It will not hurt your eyes without wearing glasses when lighted

8) Line protection Ntultiple line protection ensures safety 1 charge protection ( it can not be used when charging) 2 high temperature protection ( will automatically power off when reaching a certain temperature) 3 lamp induction away from the protection (it can not be used when the USB lamp is not fully connected)

9) The appearance is mature and generous and it has four colors containing Roland violet sky blue. grass green and pink

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Frequently Asked Questions

1, How long does it take to remove hair permanently by using IPL hair removal device?
Usually it takes 10-12 times to remove hair permanently. Once a week for 3-4 time, then Fortnightly for 6-10 time, and once a month for 10-12 time.

2, When can I see the removal effect?
You will find the hair follicles is shedding naturally after using 8 weeks. Usually it’s falling down when showering.

3, How long should I use per time?
It’s depending on the place you are using for. About 15-30 minutes for legs, 5-10 minutes for armpit. You ca decide it.

4, Does IPL strong lighting do harm to skin?
The IPL lighting only absorb by melanin in hair follicles, no harm to skin. And we passed CE and FCC certificate.

5, Why I cannot use IPL after sunbathe?
Because there are a lot of melanin in skin after sunbathe. Using IPL hair removal after sunbathe will increase the risk of dermatitis, like burn, blister etc. Please keep away from IPL hair removal after sunbathe!

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